Whisky Tasting – Mackmyra

Mackmyra Special 10How time flies.
I seem to get less time to update this, but a recent tasting session has given me more motivation. I became familiar with Mackmyra years ago after a friend handed me some unlabelled cask samples. Each whisky was honey-sweet and very palatable.

Years later, i had the opportunity to sample the wider Mackmyra portfolio at a whisky tasting event hosted, as ever, by The Wright Wine and Whisky Company from Skipton.

Mackmyra, for those of you who don’t know, is Swedish and the company founded in 1999. They use many Swedish influences in their whisky – Swedish oak, local ingredients and local peat. As you’d expect, they are immensely proud and passionate about their whisky, and for good reason too. Continue reading

Whisky Tasting – Berry Brothers & Rudd

I feel as though I start my notes about tasting evenings with “not too familiar” or words to that effect. In the spirit of repetition, I’m, about to do it again…

Berry Brothers and Rudd. Yep. I’m not too familiar with them. I know the name of course. But I couldn’t have told you much else.

This tasting has come round quickly in March, however it was welcome respite from the nonsense of the day job.

Berry Brothers and Rudd (established 1968!) are perhaps better known for their wine. They are Britains oldest wine and spirit merchant. They’ve been supplier to the Royal Family since the reign of King George III. They have a range of over 4,000 wines and spirits.

Get the picture? Continue reading

Where to go to find whisky?

Several colleagues have just asked me where I’d recommend for a short whisky-related trip – a weekend sort of thing. At first, I was completely down the distillery route; a short, sharp trip to the Lowlands, a longer saunter through Speyside or perhaps a week in Islay. All would deliver something.

But that leaves a thought. How really interested are you in one lyne arm to the next? If you know how whisky is distilled once, do you need to know again? Is much down to the person representing the distillery or your interest in the subject?

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