The Macallan Coronation bottling. Worth the cost?

As the year progresses, there’s always more reason given to part with your cash. No £350!change in the Whisky world, where Feis Ile kicks off in Islay and an increase of limited/rare/unique bottlings appear for us to rush to buy.

Whilst I have been patiently awaiting Ardbeg’s Ardbog, this, from The Macallan, crept into my inbox. The final installment of the Royal trilogy is certainly a hat-trick for The Macallan – truly limited (under 2,000) but at a staggering £350 for this set of 2 bottles!!

But is it worth it?

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Rare Whisky sells for £44,000!

This puts my Ardbeg’s (1977 and Feis Ile 2011) into perspective.
This story was reported in the media on Feb 10th…

A rare bottle of whisky has sold for £44,000.

The bottle of Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve was sold at auction in London to an anonymous telephone bidder.

It is the second of 11 to be released to the public.

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