Islay 2016

portcharlotte_2016Another year, another trip to Islay and how lucky with the weather was I?
Due to this being a family holiday, there’s no Feis visits, but still a distillery or two gets a look in.
This time round, the usual trip to Ardbeg was made, as was a tasting at Laphroaig.

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Nice start to work.

I came into to work yesterday to find a bottle of Laphroaig on my desk. An unopened bottle. Not bad.
It’s no birthday gift, or “thanks for helping” or anything like that. It’s simply because one person doesn’t like it but someone else does. That’s no bad thing, and for those people who love the peat flavours of Islay – don’t get your back up. Everyone’s different. And in this case, one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

There’s more than enough styles, or expressions, for all – and that’s what makes whisky all the more interesting to me. I’m still on with the challenge of trying them all, and for every old whisky I try, there’s a new one on the horizon.

This, I feel, may take some time.

York Whisky Fest 2012

Another week, another whisky event, this time – in my home town.

This was another event run by the increasingly busy Whisky Lounge, run by Eddie Ludlow. I attended on account of my hard work at the Manchester event, and on behalf of the best whisky shop in the North of England – in my opinion, The Wright WIne & Whisky Company…

As a customer on this occasion, it was all about tasting for me on this event, and after a pint at the York Tap, we headed off…

Read on to find out what a Whisky event is about – and the 16 whiskies I sampled…
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