Filming in Islay (and Jura)

I had a great time in Islay this year – my bi-annual (?) visit with friends and family.
One of the things we tried to achieve was filming tasting notes (for a sample club) outside every distillery. Well, we didn’t get around them all (this time) but it was great fun doing it.

Here’s a taster of some we did. I was behind the camera, the man in the front is Julian from The Wright Wine and Whisky Company. Enjoy.

Port Ellen 28yo (Old Bothwell)

Caol Ila 14yo Unpeated

Jura 21yo

Whisky Tasting: Whyte and Mackay

Richard "The Nose" PatersonWednesday 26th March. Skipton. 7:30pm. Light drizzle, overcast sky…

Some occasions are more momentous than others. It’s not saying that the ‘others’ are bad, it’s just that sometimes several things converge. The stars align. The beer tastes good, the company are all on form and everyone is focused on enjoying themselves. Well, this was one such night.

Add to this mix, add Richard “The Nose” Paterson. (one ‘t’, not two). Who’s he? Well if you like whisky, why don’t you know? He’s only Whyte and Mackay’s Master Blender. He only recreated Shackleton’s whisky. He’s only got an encyclopedic knowledge of whisky – and experience to boot. That’s who.

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