Auchentoshan Distillery. Worth the trip..?

In short, yes. Absolutely.
I was lucky enough to be in Glasgow for work this week (fantastic City) and managed to organise a trip to Auchentoshan. Not a whisky I am overly familiar with. Please to say, it was worth every effort.

Just a 30 minute ride from Glasgow centre, the distillery feels it’s on the edge of Scotland – the City one side, and beyond… Scotland ‘proper’. I’ve been this way times before on the way to Islay, and the nearby Erskine bridge is what divides the beautiful countryside from the more familiar surroundings of bricks and mortar.

Anyway, a traditional white distillery, but no coastal position as say Lagavulin or Bowmore.

Still 3Once inside, it’s clear to see that the Morrison Bowmore Distillers money has helped: it’s very clean and structured – but no less inviting. Bottles are neatly displayed in the shop with individual spotlights for each, and the range of Auchentoshan, Bowmore and Glengarioch is proudly displaid.

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A few things…

..again, it’s been a while. Such things as children, work and so on seem to get in front of my whisky musings. Never mind.

It’s been a busy time in my Whisky world. A recent work event was capped with a quick whisky tasting session by the entertaining and enthusiastic Joe Hughes from Morrison Bowmore Distillers. Just imagine the scene: 120 suits from big corportae brands, in a seminar about communication and customer journeys, then at the end, we have Joe (one of the initial speakers) getting everyone up off their feet, rubbing their hands in whisky, deeply inhaling and sampling a lovely.. Continue reading

York Whisky Fest 2012

Another week, another whisky event, this time – in my home town.

This was another event run by the increasingly busy Whisky Lounge, run by Eddie Ludlow. I attended on account of my hard work at the Manchester event, and on behalf of the best whisky shop in the North of England – in my opinion, The Wright WIne & Whisky Company…

As a customer on this occasion, it was all about tasting for me on this event, and after a pint at the York Tap, we headed off…

Read on to find out what a Whisky event is about – and the 16 whiskies I sampled…
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