Mapping the world of whisk(e)y..

© Jason HaynesFollowing on from his “Beer Diagram”, designer Jason Haynes is creating a flow diagram to link the world of whisky together. Being American, this started as WhiskEy, but he’s savvy enough to produce a more acceptable ‘Whisky’ version.

His project, seen here on independent creative fundraising website “Kickstarter” asks for donations to enable to realise his vision. In return (or when you give the right amount), you are rewarded with a full colour, signed and numbered copy to frame and take pride of place in your home!

At a glance, this looks great but I’m unsure if it’s finished yet. I can’t see mention of Sweden or France here and Im sure anyone with a Whisky Bible at hand can find a few more gaps. Let’s hope it’s work in progress and I look forward to seeing the complete, and concise, version…

Whisky Tasting – Mackmyra

Mackmyra Special 10How time flies.
I seem to get less time to update this, but a recent tasting session has given me more motivation. I became familiar with Mackmyra years ago after a friend handed me some unlabelled cask samples. Each whisky was honey-sweet and very palatable.

Years later, i had the opportunity to sample the wider Mackmyra portfolio at a whisky tasting event hosted, as ever, by The Wright Wine and Whisky Company from Skipton.

Mackmyra, for those of you who don’t know, is Swedish and the company founded in 1999. They use many Swedish influences in their whisky – Swedish oak, local ingredients and local peat. As you’d expect, they are immensely proud and passionate about their whisky, and for good reason too. Continue reading

Whiskey Tasting; Heaven Hill, USA

Yep, that’s right – another Whiskey. This time, we’re in Bourbon territory – where the (drinking) all started for me, although we’re not talking the stuff you get from your local Tesco, or behind the bar at your local. This is the real stuff.

Heaven Hill was not a name too familiar to me before this, although i had heard this, and would have guessed Elijah Craig but nothing more. Hosted by the consistently excellent Wright Wine Company in Skipton, and presented by Henry Joe of Heaven Hill, this was a particularly interesting night for me.

Continue reading