Whisky Tasting: Loch Lomond Group

loch_lomondA little known distillery to me, although I pass within a gnat’s whisker of it each time I go to Islay. The Loch Lomond Group covers Inchmurrin, Glen Scotia and of course, Loch Lomond.

Micheal Henry, Master Blender, took us through 8 drams on the evening with the usual, well natured crowd of The Wright Wine Co.

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Whisky. It’s an obsession.

With a market seemingly bursting at it’s seems, you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the amount of whisky expressions you can now chose from. Over the past few years, new entrants to the market from places such as India, Sweden and Japan are gaining plaudits and winning new fans, but the more ‘traditional’ distilleries have pulled up their marketing socks and are fighting their corners too. (Some, it must be said, are successful in doing what they’ve always done. If it ain’t broke…)

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It’s on the tip of your tongue…

What’s interesting over the years of whisky tasting, is the techniques and methods recommended to you.

Joe Hughes, who previously worked for Morrison Bowmore, would have me furiously rubbing whisky between my hands and inhaling the evaporating spirit to give my nose and palate the ‘essence’ of the spirit I was about to try, whereas Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson will have you introducing yourself to a whisky as you would a beautiful woman: an initial introductory hello, a repeat, and then further conversations (!).

Everyone seems to have a slight variance on what and how. Warming the glass in your hand, covering the top, nose in (but not too far), admiring colour, observing legs – all of this before actually tasting it.

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