The Whisky Obsession. It’s what it is. There’s no long tasting notes, no pretentious drivel. Well, probably some.

It’s the view of the ordinary person with a new found obsession. This is one man’s journey into the world of single malts, rare bottlings, blends, bourbon, haggis and more..

What started with bourbon (and coke, sorry) matured over time and the Ardbeg, Springbank, Benriach, Bladnoch, Caol Ila and more followed.

With storage units close to collapse, a recent comment by my wife; “No more new whisky until you need to replace one” has simply led me further into the collectable world. Foraging online, specialist Whisky sites and now, an annual ‘pilgrimage’ to places north of the border.

How far does an Obsession go? Well, how many of you have actually been INSIDE a copper still…?

The Whisky Obsession is a blogger from York, UK.
He currently likes bacon, sleep, cheese and whisky.

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