7 days is Islay

As my biannual visit to the whisky hallowed ground that is Islay approaches, discussions have been had and growing pressure to give a bit of insight into this wonderful place.

Ok, so what’s new? i hear you say.. Fair point. Whisky blogs are ten-a-penny these days, and anyone interested in whisky will be aware at least of this little island in the inner Hebrides.

Well, to mix it up, there wont just be my thoughts, but contributions also coming from someone from the wines and spirits industry – a good friend who has not only visited the island since he was a young lad, but who has also bought and sold more whisky than a lot of us combined. Secondly, there’s rumour of a counter-blog, “Whisky-widows” – constructed by the wives left driving or entertaining the kids whilst the men-folk do a whistle-stop tour of the distilleries on offer. This will no doubt include comments on scenery, cafe’s, wine and gin.

The trip starts a week on Saturday – 26 July. First comments no-doubt reflecting on the quality of the crab sandwiches at Tarbert..



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