Scotch Missed

ScotchMissedThe more you take note of the distilleries where your favorite drams originate, the more you understand how these drinks represent the fabric of their surroundings. Not just the geology – but communities, livelihoods, trade and commerce. To say a drink holds real character, is an understatement.
So, apart from the liquid in the bottle, what represents these small snapshots of time and place? Let’s not forget the people, but they do come and go. They are often outlived (by generations) by the actual distillery. Some purpose built, some borne of farm buildings. Some grew from illegal beginnings and some are shaped by their surroundings. And sadly, many have fallen due to closure, demolition or re-purposing.In this new book I have, Scotch Missed: Lost Distilleries of Scotland, author Brian Townsend details the remnants and ruins of almost every Victorian working distillery in Scotland. Accompanies with black and white photographs and geographical locations, this is a deep look at Scotland’s greatest export, and in current times of boom – perhaps some of the largest missed opportunities too.

Can’t wait to get started.


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