The Lore of Whisky

The Lore of WhiskyI’ve just started reading a new book, The Lore of Whisky written by Alice Parsons. A quote on the sleeve tells me: “A fascinating insight into the world of whisky and whiskey, both past and present; Alice Parsons’ in depth research provides a wealth of information rarely seen in one publication. This is a must read for anyone curious about whisky.

I have yet to finish it, but I feel this is slightly misleading. Bear with me though, I’m being positive.

This book is quite refreshing for me – it doesn’t list infinite detail about still shape and size, water source, malt quality and so on. After all, there are plenty of books which do this. Likewise, there are plenty of books which cover tasting notes and so on. Where Alice’s book has captured my attention is the fact it’s so accessible. It offers some great nuggets of information as the sleeve promised, and reminds us on the differences between grain and malt, blends and so on. And being an Australian, there’s often references to spirit, local to her, which makes me reach for other books (you know the ones – Bible et al).

Allice’s style is comfortable to read, leveled well and in short bursts. It’s not going to keep me transfixed for an age (it’s not that long) and it didn’t cost me the earth either. All in all – a great read which although wont offer the seasoned whisky reader a lot of new insight, is still a very informative and rewarding read.

So, back to the quote. I suppose it depends on what your definition of ‘wealth’ is. In this case, it isn’t volume of content. It is in quality of content. What is rare, is an accessible whisky book which would hold the interest of more than just whisky drinkers. This is one such book.

Buy?: Yes!


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