Glen Garioch Generations – Twitter Tasting

GlenGarioch_Generations TastingI was recently fortunate enough to be invited by Bowmore Distillery to one of their Twitter tastings – for Glen Garioch. Hosted by the delightful ‘Lady Blender’, Rachel Barrie, this involved several ‘tweeters’ discussing 4 Glen Garioch expressions; 12 yo, 1986, 1995 and a ‘mystery’ dram.

The day started with a very nice package from the postman – 4 miniature bottles neatly packaged in a larger Glen Garioch box, posted for the attention of “The Whisky Obsession”..

For those of you not familiar with the process, the tasting starts at a set time and includes a hashtag. In this case #GGgenerations – it was themed around Father’s day.
Each participant contributes as and when they can, are able or feel they have something of interest. Rachel did a great job of involving people, acknowledging them, responding to questions – as well as some great info on Glen Garioch.

For the distillery – this is a great way to spread the good word. Each blogger may have several hundred to a thousand followers – so word travels well. For each blogger, or tweeter, this is 4 lovely whisky examples to taste and tell everyone about. Win-win.

I wont go into detail of the first 3 expressions – except to say that these are a lovely whisky – building from an every-day 12 yo to more intense caramel and spice flavours in the older whiskies.

The real surprise and interest to me though was a mystery dram. Teased as something “different” it certainly way. Quite an intriguing whisky which was velvety smooth. Speculation mounted as to the cask used for maturation – was it rum, Madeira, ‘other’??

Whatever it was, it was unlike the others we tried and perhaps the curiosity made us all pay more attention – but it certainly hit the spot to rave reviews.

What was it? Unknown, but keep an eye on Glen Garioch – it seems somebody’s woken this sleeping giant.

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