The Macallan Coronation bottling. Worth the cost?

As the year progresses, there’s always more reason given to part with your cash. No £350!change in the Whisky world, where Feis Ile kicks off in Islay and an increase of limited/rare/unique bottlings appear for us to rush to buy.

Whilst I have been patiently awaiting Ardbeg’s Ardbog, this, from The Macallan, crept into my inbox. The final installment of the Royal trilogy is certainly a hat-trick for The Macallan – truly limited (under 2,000) but at a staggering £350 for this set of 2 bottles!!

But is it worth it?

I suppose the answer to that comes from how you value whisky. Are you a collector, a guzzler, a drinker? Are you learning, a seasoned expert, a curious partaker? Do you have stocks and shares? Do you have spare income? Can you afford £350?

As we know, price and age doesn’t always mean quality. Look at Ardbeg’s Feis Ile bottling from 2011. Gained little praise from some, cost £90. Now fetching £600.
Ardbeg Galileo. £75 new. Ive seen for £115 in shops. Apparently, an excellent dram.

So what of The Macallan?
Well, they have the name and right associations, and as mentioned, these truly are limited. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee bottling of 2012 (£350, 2012 bottles) was a garish affair for me, however brings a price of between £1,000 and £1,500. This certainly isn’t drinker’s whisky.

In a box in a cupboard this will go for many. The lucky few may drink it – and will it provide anything more special that a £35 single malt off the shelf? Not for all, but – we are all different.

For those who persevered with The Macallan’s new website launch on the same day as the bottling release, this will represent a costly investment which I’m sure will pay dividends in time to come. The concern it leaves me though, is why didn’t i buy the first of the 3 bottlings in 2011? This was to commemorate the Royal Wedding and retailed at (by comparison) a meagre £150 each, from a limited run of 1,000…. Bah.

8 thoughts on “The Macallan Coronation bottling. Worth the cost?

  1. but i got mine, 2 actually and the other two released in the set and yes as investment, much better than the stock market thats for sure!!!

  2. i buy whisky also as much better investment that stocks and share, i have 36 bottles of Snow phoenix, paid £50 each and now sells at £175, i wouldnt have got a return of £125 in a bank in two years 🙂

    • It starts working out well when you can buy in these quantities Richard. I have a few rare bottlings – The Macallan, Ardbegs, Port Ellen etc – but invariably these are in single quantities.
      Agree – better return than a bank though! Liquid gold!!

  3. Yes always better to buy at least 2, not sure on buying a load other than if its Macallan, prices can go down of course which they do depending on the auctions house. But even Miniatures often prove to be a good investment.

  4. Just look at the resale price now, well worth it. Check out the Scotch Malt Whisky Investment & Enjoyment guide by Michael Ross on kindle for a good starters guide.

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