Been busy, but now back!

Well, what a busy end to to 2012 that was.

Looking back at this blog, i’ve not put anything up since November. Sorry, Movember. Well, that facial hair has been and gone, and we now find ourselves in January 2013.
Working backwards might be a touch easier in Whisky-related news. It’s been busy, but not that busy i suppose..

New Year’s Eve – As unorganised as ever, i didn’t plan a New-Year whisky to toast in 2013. Staying with fiends in Norwich (wine drinkers) i found myself unprepared. However, it was noted that St. George’s Distillery was just 30 mins drive away. Well, i had to.

StGeorgeslogoWe all know the process and most will know the whisky by now, so the comments I have are based on the visit to the distillery. And what a clean, compact, organised and calm place this is. Ok, so in a ‘clean down’ stage, but they have done a great job in making this grand old building (looks like an American barn/farmhouse) into a very impressive visit. And, at just £5, value for money. I tried all 3 spirits on offer after been shown round by “Steve”. Thanks Steve.

ElmerTLeeBefore this jaunt, Christmas. Ok, so i love Whisky, but also Whiskey. As well as Jim’s 2013 bible, I was the recipient of a bottle of Elmer T Lee single barrel bourbon. Now this is the stuff. Smooth, rounded, vanilla, caramel with fruit/spice finish. Smells glorious too. Great looking bottle also. It’s a square bourbon bottle, but wonderfully crafted. I actually sold a bottle myself during a jaunt in retail….

December –  a busy month of course, especially for those in retail. I was asked to help friends at their shop in Skipton. Put straight into the whisky room, and being stood up all day (unusual for me), i talked whisky for 7 hours solid. The store (sales mode here) has over 1500 whiskies and whiskeys in stock, with over 100 for tasting, so it was a busy day and popular departments. What i had underestimated was the level of knowledge these guys (at The Wright Wine & Whisky Company) have. It’s astounding. Great respect to all.

The biggest seller of the day was undoubtedly Ardbeg Uigeadail, in terms of number of bottles. The biggest bottle was Ardbeg again – 450cl 10yo.

Also in December, i created an advertorial for my friends at The Whisky Sample Club. It was a 2 page spread which appeared in Nothcote Manor’s “Obsession” magazine. Quite apt really. Written and designed my my good hand, it even featured my own photographs (mainly from Islay) – the lead image which features my family sat outside Ardbeg. So good is that pic, i may use it on my next blog..

OldPulteneyNovember – on the 22nd, I was at my last tasting of the year; Old Pulteney and Balblair.
2 whiskies I was extremely unfamiliar with, but now with some knowledge for.
Can’t remember all we had, but one was a previous Whisky of the year from Jim Murray’s reckoning anyway: 21 year old (fino sherry/refill bourbon). At £81 a bottle, it’s not your everyday drink – however, very nice it was. Best in 2012..? Not for me i’m afraid. Still, try these distilleries – it’s all a journey remember..

That’s it for now..!

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