Sample Club: Glendronach 1972

Sample club 1, sample no. 1

Crickey. What a start – this is my first sample of the first Whisky Sample club I have been and this, as the starting point, is for the brave only! But what a start! Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor, I can get down to business.

For a starter, Jim Murray gave this a whopping 95.5/100. If you don’t like Jim’s style, then consider the fact that Rich Howard, Malt Maniacs, rated this 93/100, so there must be something about it…

So, here goes…

There’s no mistaking this is a sherry cask. It looks the colour of water that you see in the Dales – coming up from way beneath the ground, mineral rich and deep ochre. Possibly the darkest whisky i have seen – in my limited experience..

Whoa! That was a suprise. Now i’m back on my chair, I will take that a bit more cautiously. I love the smell of whisky – it’s one of my favourite parts of the experience and this has nose my the bucket load;
Sherry, of course, but polished wood too, as well as sweet stuff; brown sugar – the soft, sticky stuff, fruits, christmas cake before being cooked (when it’s in the corner of the kitchen as dried fruit being rehydrated by spirit…

This is something a bit special. It’s complex and hard hitting – but in an elegant way, if that can ever be logical. The dark, rich fruits carry through and a smoky feel follows, quite subtly though. If you told me you could taste dark chocolate, I would believe you, and the fruitcake is there – heavy, thick, dark and rich.
What follows was quite surprising –  spice. That’s what i’m left with – a long, lingering spice finish which, as the tasting notes promised, goes on and on and on and on…

I was never the greatest fan of such big sherry drams, or (to be honest) Glendronach, but I’ve turned a corner with this. It does live up to the price tag (a whopping £350) but for a whisky as old as i am, I’m really pleased to have experienced this.
This is really thick with flavour; sit back by a crackling fire, get comfy, contemplate the meaning of life and see what else you can find in this.

What a way to start a sample club. Next up, Brora.

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