Join a Tasting Club. Go on…!

No, i don’t arrange one myself, but yes, i am part of one.

Why? Let’s put it this way. This weekend, I will collect a sample of Glendronach 39 year old. Firstly, not a bottle I would normally select, nor is it something I could afford to drink (c£350) – however, get some like-minded people together (say 28 would allow you a single measure each from a full bottle) – and before you know it, you’re crossing off your ‘wish-list’ drams before you know it.

Financially, this is about £100 over the year (in the club i use) but there are other ways; samples which come by post, samples which are introductory to say Islay or Speyside or Bourbon – the list goes on.

The downside is that you only get the one taste – but at least you know. At least you can say you’ve tried a 30 yo whatever, or limited release of XYZ.

SO go on, take the plunge, speak to friends, make new ones. More importantly, try some of the good stuff.


One thought on “Join a Tasting Club. Go on…!

  1. I’m looking for samples that can be mailed to Massachusetts, USA. Ideally an informal group of whisky fans that will trade what they have in their collection, but commercial sources would be fine too. Any recommendations?

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