Whiskey Tasting; Cooley

Whisky tasting is always a pleasure: 7 or so variants, entertaining company and the knowledge, insight and passion of a true expert in the field.

Thursday night’s tasting in Skipton, courtesy of the Wright Wine and Whisky Company, was no exception. But note the change in the spelling at the top of this page. This evening was all about WhiskEy. With an E.

Industry host for the night was Michael Moore from Cooley Distillery, County Louth, Ireland. And what a host he was – knowledgeable, entertaining and fiercely passionate about Whiskey, and of course Cooley.
With a noisy crowd of near to 100, Micheal took us through the history of Whiskey, the loss of the distilleries in Ireland, and the subsequent renewed interest and steady growth to what it is today…and a glimpse into the near future too…!

We had 7 whiskeys in total, starting with an easy-going Kilbeggan to the peat-monster, Connemara Turf Mor.

This tasting did divide opinion – but isn’t that what it’s all about? One member of our table was poker-faced right up until the Turf Mor (which he promptly purchased) whereas others were taken in at the Kilbeggan and totally over-awed by the the Kilbeggan 18yo. Others had to wait until the Tyrconnell 10 yo Madeira appeared (glass 6 i think..) before they were well and truly hooked.

All in all, a great evening representing everything that is good about Whisky, Whiskey and these events. Throw in the sense of humour of a Northern crowd (both sides of pennines represented!) and an Irish host – it can only be classed as a success.

The Whiskeys;

  • Kilbeggan
  • Kilbeggan 18yo
  • Greenore 8yo
  • The Tyrconnell
  • Tyrconnell 10yo Madeira
  • Connemara
  • Conemara Turf Mor

Better bloggers than i will give you a rundown and tasting notes; but what i can add to this is as follows:

  1. Don’t ever dismiss the thought of Irish Whiskey. These were some truly outstanding drams, and the selection from Cooley had something for all tastes – from simple and clean (‘clean’ and ‘smooth’ were commonly used words), to strong, sween Bourbon influence (Kilbeggan 18yo), to a Islay alternative with impressive peat influence (Turf Mor).
  2. Don’t ever dismiss blended spirit. You may be missing out in a big way.

Finally, full credit to the people who put this event on: Julian, Katy and Andrew. Full marks.

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