Suntory Yamazaki 10 Year old

By last Friday, I was focused on a new Whisky. Not for the collection or for investment, but to drink. The plan was to spend about £30 on an ‘everyday’ and easygoing dram. For too long now, i have been dipping into the expensive end of the Ardbeg scale, and with prices of Alligator escalating, I feel like I should save those last few bottles (because it would hurt me too much to replace).

On Saturday afternoon, I found myself in a Whisky shop in Stamford Bridge. By no means a heartland of fine spirits, it nevertheless offered some options for me. My usual supply would come from Skipton, but I wanted something now.

The selection at Stamford Bridge is by no means vast – infact, they have more of the rarer or expensive Whisky behind the counter than they do on the shelves – but they are friendly, willing to talk and always offer a taster.

As I was looking for something … different… this caught my eye, and my nose.Ok, so I took a gamble after tasting the English Whisky Co’s heavily peated Chapter 11 which was good – but didn’t rival other peated Whiskys (for me)..

After nosing an empty bottle of the Yamazaki, i was taken in by the rich fruit-cake smell. This was somewhere between a good single malt and something like Makers’ Mark. Sweet, rich, firery – it’s maybe not the everyday dram I was looking for, but I have plenty of those now. It’s a night by the fire – warm and toasty. Very drinkable.

And what about the design? The label and box interest me – much as these elements do accross the board. (remember – i’m at the start of my journey – i need the marketing to attract me!). Simplistic, clean and simple (unlike the whisky) – but a design that could only represent  Whisky from the far-east.

So what of these non-Scottish Whiskys?
Well I’m an advocate for Scotch Whisky. The history, the heritage. What it means and represents. Scotland is, and always will be, “Whisky” for me.
But this stuff (and Mackmyra and Amrut to name a few) certainly do hold their own.

A worthy addition to the drinking section of my collection. Not only looks good, but tastes good too.

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