Where to go to find whisky?

Several colleagues have just asked me where I’d recommend for a short whisky-related trip – a weekend sort of thing. At first, I was completely down the distillery route; a short, sharp trip to the Lowlands, a longer saunter through Speyside or perhaps a week in Islay. All would deliver something.

But that leaves a thought. How really interested are you in one lyne arm to the next? If you know how whisky is distilled once, do you need to know again? Is much down to the person representing the distillery or your interest in the subject?

So what if you’re more interested in the taste than the tour? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on some great Whisky tours – fascinating and hugely entertaining (Bladnoch comes to mind), but I do know some people who’d rather start their journey by tasting different whisky’s together.

So, I’m hoping someone can recommend a pub, a bar – a street even, where (much like the beer enthusiast), the Whisky Obsessive can meander through a range of drams, take in the surroundings and enjoy in a perhaps more natural environment to them. No time scales, no need to move to the next room.
Ok, so they won’t get the insight into tasting the dram, or appreciate the elements which make it, but one size doesn’t fit all. Not everyone enjoys the same things.

Tastings are great, but still, there’s something quite inviting to see a line of bottles, taps, pumps – whatever, lines up, inviting you to try – based on what you fancy, what you know, what the locals are having – or even how the label on the bottle looks…

Answers please!

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