Merry Christmas

Well that’s another done for the year. Hope yours was enjoyable.

I’m pleased to report that Santa was generous in the Whisky department. As well as a much anticipated bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail, I was also lucky enough to get a bottle of one of the first Whisky’s I really liked and appreciated; Bowmore 12 yo.

But it didn’t stop there. Jim Murray’s 2012 Whisky Bible also found it’s way to me – the ever indispensable update of what’s hot and what’s not. Seriously, for Jim it’s like recording a Christmas single. Every year, through much hard work i’m sure, Jim can release a new version and has another top seller. Curious to see a disappointing take on Arbeg’s Feis Ile 2011 (my first investment, retailing in some places for over £500!!) Whether you like Jim’s style or not, there’s no denying his Whisky Bible is worth owning.

The other Whisky-related book to find it’s way to me was 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die by Ian Buxton. It’s a different take on Jim’s book and interesting to read. You could argue with the inclusions here (The Whisky Bible includes all whiskies), but nevertheless, you get an insight into many varieties, and gives you ideas for what you could get for Xmas. I’ve only managed to tick off a few from this book, making it more interesting. Almost a challenge i’d say..

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