Islay, the Hebrides. Who can’t find some solitude, appreciation, relaxation or other pleasure in this small and friendly island. It’s rugged, it’s storm battered, it’s welcoming. It has eight distilleries. Eight. Distilleries.

Anyway, here’s a pic i took when i went out there in 2010.

If i remember rightly, we spent a day here and saw about 4 other people, and lots of cows. The view is magnificent – the Paps of Jura are visible in the distance.

I’d like to say we spent the day catching mackeral to bbq on the beach – but we had to make do with sausage sandwiches. Anyway, we caught a load of craps and shrimps and quite a bit of the sun too.

Out of the 4 people we saw, one of the recognised us hours later whilst we were having a meal in the Port Charlotte Hotel. We were accused of being Red Indians or invading Vikings.. Perhaps a story for another time.

Not much gets past these islanders!

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